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Metal exchange rates

Also be sure to check out the metal exchange rates offered by CENT You will be able to find the current exchange rates for gold, silver and platinum.

We offer a safe and professional service and competitive prices. It is also a good idea to check the exchange rates beforehand. All prices are negotiable.

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Current exchange rates:

SymbolMetal nameExchange buysExchange sells
ZL333Gold 33347.0060.00
ZL375Gold 37553.0070.00
ZL500Gold 50071.0095.00
ZL583Gold 58383.00105.00
ZL750Gold 750107.00135.00
ZL900Gold 900128.00160.00
ZL916Gold 916128.00165.00
ZL986Gold 986132.00170.00
ZL999Gold 999,9144.00180.00
SR800Silver 8001.002.30
SR830Silver 8301.052.35
SR875Silver 8751.102.42
SR925Silver 9251.152.50
SR998Silver 9981.202.61
PL950Platinum 95030.0040.00